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We understand that mistakes happen in life. As such, certain unforeseen circumstances can lead to a probation violation. If you somehow broke your violation, you need to team up with an experienced probation violation lawyer. Here at the Law Offices of Luis Yañez, we can help stop major consequences. Give us a call today to schedule your free initial consultation. 

Probation Rules & Regulations

If you have somehow violated your probation, probation violation lawyer Luis Yañez can help. In Texas, probation’s main goal is proper rehabilitation. In this way, people convicted of crimes can successfully integrate back into society. However, there are rules that one must follow. With even one false move, everything could fall apart.  

Once assigned probation, you may have to do the following:

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings 
  • Maintain a reliable and lawful occupation. 
  • Not get in trouble with the law or break any laws. 
  • Not drink any alcohol, illicit drugs, or other controlled substances. 
  • Stay away from criminal associates. 
  • Probation officers may also carry out unscheduled visits at their homes and workplaces. 
  • You may have to permit probation officers to conduct random and unscheduled searches. 
  • Complete a specific amount of hours of community service. 
  • Request approval before moving to a new residence, job, or traveling out of Texas or the city. 
  • Pay all court costs and fines. 
  • Submit to regular drug tests.

How You Might Violate Your Probation

If you violate your probation, it could mean:

  • You broke any of the conditions or rules established in your probation order, or
  • A potential violation of probation was discovered

The probation officer may then choose to warn you or have you stand at a probation violation hearing. This could mean that the judge will either revoke or tighten your probation terms, face additional, new terms of probation, or send the violator to jail.

Are You a First-Time Offender? Here’s What You Should Know

First-time offenders may get off a bit more easily by attending certain classes, undergoing treatments or counseling, or remaining on probation for a short amount of time. This way, you can avoid jail and serious consequences that would typically occur. 

Probation Modifications & Changes

If the probationer completes tasks such as community service and has proven significantly good behavior during their probation period, it’s possible for probation time to shorten. You can also speed up the probation termination process by paying all fees, completing drug or alcohol treatments, or pursuing an education. Although, if any aspect of probation has been broken, then the repercussions can double the length of probation. 

How We Can Help

As a long time probation violation lawyer, Luis Yañez understands how life can, at times, get in the way, or how you may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. By understanding the situation and speaking with you, our team will help guide you through some of the consequences you may be facing and reduce them as much as possible, depending on your criminal history.  

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