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At the Law Offices of Luis Yañez, we understand the Border region’s community is made up of many workers who travel to and from the United States and Mexico on a daily basis. Our team can help you navigate the process of making this more manageable and more sustainable. Immigration law can get very complicated, and every step is a crucial part of the process. We’ve helped people achieve success across the entire spectrum, from applying for green cards to appeals. We can help with your immigration needs. 

Family Immigration Practice Areas – How We Can Help

As a working family immigration practice, we can help to get you or a family member legally eligible to be part of the United States. This process takes some time, and every step of the process is extremely important. The main immigration services we offer include the following: 

  • Visas – For you to be able to enter the United States, any citizen of a foreign country must obtain a visa. This can be a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stays or immigrant visas for those seeking permanent residency. 
  • Green Card – For you to become a permanent resident in the United States, you will have to obtain a green card. This will allow you to live and work in the country. You can also establish a legal residency here if you are an immediate relative of a United States citizen, 
  • Citizenship – Once the applicant has a green card and is above the age of 18, they can then file for full citizenship. 

Business Immigration Practice Areas  

Our business practice areas focus on the laws regarding immigration law. We can help minimize discrimination suits and audits from the government. By helping you individually or your company as a whole, we can assist with:  

  • Employment eligibility verification
  • Businesses/work visas  
  • Labor certification 

Immigration Statistics

Living in a border city and going through the immigration process ourselves reminds us how essential immigrants are to our city and country at large. Statistically, immigrants are responsible for many of our nation’s businesses, including law offices! Take a look at these stats on immigration:

  • About 1 in every 8 US residents is foreign-born. This makes up about 13.7% of residents.
  • About 25.2% of all immigrant populations in the US are from Mexico. 
  • Only about 73% of immigrants have proper authorization. 
  • Almost half 47.2% of all immigrants become US citizens. 
  • A quarter of US businesses are founded by immigrants. 

Benefits Of Choosing Us

We understand the ins and outs of the immigration system and have guided many clients through the process. Having gone through it ourselves, we can give you advice and what to expect every step of the way. Filled with compassion and understanding, we can help you and your family through your citizenship process. 

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If you or a family member are going through the immigration process, give us a call. We can help you understand everything that’s needed and what to expect during this time.